Welcome to Roland Tec's teaching website where you can explore some of the workshops he offers for filmmakers, playwrights, composers, songwriters and producers seeking to make a greater impact on the world through their art.

Roland's teaching philosophy is based on 3 core beliefs:

• There is no paint-by-numbers career manual for you to memorize. Whether you're a writer, director, performer (or all of the above), the best way forward starts with the actual creation of your next new work. 

• When you willingly venture beyond your comfort zone, great things are bound to happen.

• The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you can do this alone. Collaboration is the key to unlocking your hidden artistic potential. 

Create your best new work while connecting with others on the same path. Roland Tec's online workshops expand your creative toolkit while building community.

An opera in a planetarium? In the stacks of the Boston Public Library? I was skeptical at first. But pretty quickly I came to understand that Roland Tec is a visionary with the musical and theatrical knowledge to make opera happen wherever he imagines it.
Bravo, Maestro! Bravo!
— Brenda Lewis, late opera diva and former Director Hartt School of Music
I had the pleasure of singing, improvising and acting under the direction of Roland Tec as a member of the New Opera Theater Ensemble.  Not only is Roland a natural teacher, but his formal training in music composition at Harvard and Brandeis and knowledge of the voice informs his process and supports musical growth while maintaining vocal health. ... Roland encourages personal development so that performers can elicit the best of themselves in the service of making authentic contemporary art.  I look back on my NOTE experiences with Roland Tec as one of the richest music-theater experiences in my life.
— Sylvie Stewart, singer and music teacher