When I was developing my short film, TANGO OCTEGANARIO, I met with Roland Tec to discuss the possibility of him composing music for it. I shared some examples of music I loved by Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla to give him a flavor for what I was imagining. Instead of trying to imitate the sound of Piazzolla, Roland called upon his experience as a film producer to encourage me to pursue obtaining the rights to the actual music already in my head. I credit Roland with that important choice, which really proved key to giving the film its unique flavor.
— David Licata, award-winning filmmaker
In putting together our first NYC reading of THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT, I was hearing a lot of feedback, much of it contradictory on all sorts of elements — music, lyrics, book structure. Roland Tec was the one person who helped me take a step back, breathe, giving me the space I needed to honestly see that there were elements of the piece which I loved and did not want to jettison. His experienced ear and sensitivity were invaluable to me.
— Andrew Altenburg, Bookwriter, THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT
I’ve now worked with Roland on three different exchange projects. Corralling directors and writers in the same room can often be much like a High School assembly (and just as combustible). Yet, Roland’s leadership, preparation, insight and sense of humor have made every event not just delightful to be a part of, but incredibly productive for all, resulting in the initiation of numerous projects and creative alliances. He’s a muse, and a well organized, charismatic one at that.
— Dan Fink, EDR Editor NYC
Singing Roland’s music is like a delicious smorgasbord of flavors;  with a blend of challenging technique along with a sprinkling of interpretation it’s a vocal feast, fit for the epicurean musician. I am excited every time I get to work with Roland, as his music is all at once a joy and a workout!
— Tina Stafford, singer-actor
Roland proved an invaluable asset to have on set during the filming of DEFIANCE. Not only did he creatively and professionally capture all of the behind-the-scenes footage and interviews for the film’s EPK, but he proved to be a wealth of information for the cast and crew, and enjoyed sharing his knowledge of the film’s historical context. Roland readily offered immediate assistance, whenever his help was needed by utilizing his technical expertise, a focused attitude and an easygoing calmness that made him a joy to work with. I truly look forward to the opportunity to work with Roland again in the near future. He is an extremely talented filmmaker and a trustworthy colleague.
— Alisa Katz, Associate Producer DEFIANCE
I was privileged to play violin as part of the trio of violin, bassoon and piano for which Roland Tec composed the musical accompaniment to his extraordinary THE CURSE OF BATVIA. Playing Roland Tec’s music is a deep delight. I’d never had the pleasure of duetting with a bassoon before — whose haunting throatiness mixed so alluringly with the songful violin that it recalled Gene Kelly and Judy Garland singing together — high praise from me. Claret drunk in a Slavic mist. It was genius come up with the mix of those two instruments — a mix of sounds which as far as I know is unprecedented. Just as alluring were the modal harmonies — Slavic, faintly Hebraic, tugging at the heart & the groin. This is real music. There are depths here that insist on attention. Indeed I’ve pleaded with Roland to write a chamber piece for violin and bassoon and piano - or for anything else! I can think of no greater service than to make it possible for him to give us more, more and more. I will continue to hound him for more, but really the whole world should.
— Guy Kettelhack, poet, musician, author
Working alongside Roland to produce work that he has both written and directed has been both a joy and an education His attention to detail and his subtle appreciation of the nuances of narrative and character development has been a rewarding and edifying experience. His singular vision carries all of the projects upon which he is involved and I will work with him whenever and wherever he chooses.
— Darren Chilton, Producer WE PEDAL UPHILL
Roland Tec can do it all — Playwright, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, and Performer. And best of all, his work always has something important to say, whether through biting political satire, or through the deeply felt pathos of his multidimensional characters. He has a clear creative voice that needs and deserves to be heard, and I’m proud to have worked with him on some of his various projects.
— Brad Carpenter, Producer VINYL & NURSE JACKIE