You write scripts. You spend days and days alone with your characters. Sure, you love them. And they surprise and amaze you. But how do you know you're actually on to something? Until you share your work with other writers, you don't.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the field, Roland Tec's workshops offer a safe place from which to explore and grow. Each participating writer is a potential gold mine of feedback, discovery and growth for every other writer in the room.

Writers in Roland's workshops are always encouraged to dare greatly, to take bold new risks and above all else, to tame the most destructive monster standing in the way of our growth -- the fear of writing crap.

Only when everyone in the room is comfortable bringing in work they don't like, will the real progress begin. And when it does, it's a joy for everyone involved.

The Tec Online Scriptwriting Workshop is on hiatus this year. Check back here for updates on its return. To receive Early Bird invites to upcoming workshops, be sure to provide your email address on the contact page of this site.

He is also available for one-on-one coaching. Email him today.

It’s obvious from the beginning how funny, unassuming, and utterly charming Roland is—someone you look forward to spending time with. His humor is never cruel. He creates a sense of community among his students, even in an online class. He’s obviously been teaching and thinking about teaching for many years. Immediately apparent, too, is the diligence with which he responds to questions outside of class. What becomes clear more gradually is that he’s one of the smartest people you’ll ever meet.
His knowledge is stunning. ... Class with Roland is exceptional.
— Stuart Greenman, author SILENCE, CUNNING, EXILE
My then-partner and I wrote and produced original music for Roland’s downtown hit GRATUITOUS NUDITY. We were captivated by this smart, sexy and bitingly funny collection of monologues that ran for most of the summer. We had never written music for the stage before, and with Roland’s guidance, the experience of adapting our music to fit his concept was fantastically inspiring.
— Gordon Smith, composer & founding member of The Wavos