Welcome to Roland's 3rd Thursday Music Lunch Hour

If you love great songwriting and want to acquire some new tools for better appreciating what lies at the heart of great music, you've come to the right place.

You love great songs. Maybe you're a songwriter yourself or just hoping to collaborate with one. But Music remains a bit of a mystery to you. Or maybe you're a composer who would love a chance to expand your own ear. All are welcome at Roland's 3rd Thursday Music Lunch Hour.

Expand your understanding of the mysterious power of Music, one song at a time.

Each month, Roland will begin with a half-hour presentation on one beautiful example pulled from the last thousand years of Western Music. One month he may examine a contemporary pop song, the next he may take a look at a piece of Baroque counterpoint or a piece from the great American songbook. Roland's approach is always inclusive and accessible to anyone with a desire to better appreciate the roots of their own love of music, one phrase at a time. 

Drop in for a one-hour lesson in Music Appreciation with Roland Tec on the third Thursday of any month at 1PM, NYC-time, any month of the year. 

Ready to expand your listening skills while being exposed to music and musical concepts you may not be familiar with? Roland Tec brings his decades' experience as a composer, director and Music teacher to a fun engaging one-hour online lunchtime webinar. 

In the first 30 min. Roland will present one musical concept by way of an in-depth look at one piece of music or songwriting. The second half of the hour is open to your questions on any musical topic you like. Tec conducts the hour from his piano allowing him to answer student questions with both words and musical example.

Reserve your spot today. Roland's 3rd Thursday Lunch Hour costs just $20