When you're writing a new musical, you want to do everything within your power to transport your audience, to take them on a unique journey. Music's natural ability to speak to us at our core makes it possibly the most powerful tool you have in your storytelling arsenal, and at times, the most mysterious.

Tec's approach seeks to demystify the ways in which music grabs and moves us. Roland's lessons are designed to help you fully appreciate music's power to catapult character and conflict straight into the hearts of audiences.

Composers and lyricists uncover their best collaborating selves in the Tec Music-Theatre Challenge. Here's a link to some video from a recent TM-TC Roland Tec conducted for members of Musical Theatre Artists of Pittsburgh.  

Roland frequently offers Music Essentials training through the Dramatists Guild Institute, as well as for smaller groups online. Reach out to him directly for details.

So much has changed for me since taking Roland Tec’s online course in Music Essentials. Just the other night, I was at a session recording some of my songs and I was able to ask questions I never could have asked before, including a question about whether a melodic line should resolve to the tonic!  It was really cool to be able to contribute!
— Ed Levy, playwright, lyricist, librettist
Roland Tec is one of the most talented composers it has been my privilege to know. He has a unique musical vision supported by complete mastery of the craft of composition. The music he wrote for THE CURSE OF BATVIA (which I have music-directed) is variously lyrical, contrapuntally complex, and harmonically rich; it is always idiosyncratically delightful.
— Mary Feinsinger, Composer, Music-Director, Vocal Coach, The Juilliard School